About Us

About Us        

Christy and Michele met over twenty years ago through a mutual interest in scrapbooking. Over the years, they have created together at homes and on retreats, expanding their talents to include cards and other paper crafting items. Currently, they work together in an area custom designed and built by Christy’s wife, MK.

Christy was born and raised in the bay area of California, where she continues to reside. She enjoys creating whimsical designs, which she calls “cutsie”, and she is broadening her designs to include elegant and sophisticated cards. Her love of ribbons and gems often find their way onto her completed cards. Christy is a business owner, passionate about genealogy, and enjoys a household full of fur babies.

Originally from Hawaii, Michele is often inspired to create tropical themed cards.  She is drawn to floral, botanical, ocean, and natural themes, while finding an interest in whimsical characters and creatures. Her favorite medium for colorizing her images is watercolor, which you will see a lot of.  Michele will occasionally add embellishments to her creations but is known for her simple and clean designs. When not sitting at the design table, Michele is a psychotherapist working in the non-profit sector and enjoys incorporating art therapy into her treatment plans.

Christy and Michele are grateful to have Preston, Christy’s son, as part of their dynamic team.  Preston can be relied on to be the go-to-guy for many things including photographing items, packaging orders for mailing, and even doing coffee and sandwich runs, always with a smile on his face.  When not helping out, “mom and craft mom” Preston enjoys gaming, lunching with his grandma, and working with his papa.

Christy and Michele enjoy working with a variety of stamp, embellishment, and paper manufacturers to come up with a range of styles that appeal to a wide audience of people.  They are always seeking inspiration for new designs and ideas, and encourage each other to expand their boundaries.

CM Design Studios unique greeting cards are all hand stamped, colored, and assembled with much care and love, and will be accompanied by a coordinating envelope. The team is ready to share with others and welcome feedback and special requests.  We look forward to hearing from you.